Largo Foods


Largo Foods has won the prestigious Supplier of the Year Award at the  2016 Stonehouse Gold Standard Awards.


The Stonehouse Group is one of Ireland’s leading Wholesale & Independent Retail Groups who operate the Gala and Costcutter stores in addition to a number of cash & carry outlets throughout the country and are one of Largo’s biggest customers. 


Each year the Stonehouse Group judges all of its suppliers against a number of performance measures - Largo Foods was deemed to be their best in class supplier over the past year. The Supplier of the Year programme has been in operation for the past 16 years and only 6 companies have won the award during this time – this is our 3rd win, having previously received the award in 2010 and 2014.  


Our win is a great testament to our combined efforts in making Largo Foods the great company that it is!



Supplier of the year award

Supplier of the year award

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